There are so many things I love to do and all of these boil back down to working with people, movement and being creative. As long as these things are at the core of what I am doing, I am happy!

I have had an eclectic career over the past 5 years working in the dance industry and have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world doing what I love. It has been an incredible journey to connect with so many different people through work in Europe, Ghana, Peru and North America. Every single person I have connected with has influenced and enriched my artistic practice from performing to choreographing and teaching.

I have many big ideas for the future about how we can connect communities, engage new audiences to think about something new and get people moving. However, having big ideas is the easy part, turning them in to reality and making them happen is the challenge. One I have accepted many times in the past and one I will choose to keep on accepting. Watch this space!

Emily Jay O'Shea

Independent Artist

So, what does it mean to be an Independent artist?

Well, it has taken a while for me to find a title that encompasses everything I do:
– performer
– teacher
– choreographer
– administrator
– project manager

Although varied, all of these roles are within the arts sector and I feel Independent Artist covers all of these.

Independent – Free, solo, working for oneself 

Artist – Creative in any form

And that is me…

My Skills

Organisation 0 %

Creativity 0 %

Leadership 0 %

Coaching 0 %

Mentoring 0 %

Management 0 %

Resourcefulness 0 %

Originality 0 %


My work over the past 5 years has spanned over 4 continents.
Europe, Africa, North America and South America


Coming from a technical dance background I have performed in a variety of styles since graduating in 2011, including roles as swing dancer and assistant dance captain. I now focus my artistic practice predominantly in the contemporary field. I have a mature and technical style that moves seamlessly in the space from the floor to standing effortlessly.

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I have taught and choreographed all over the world. In the UK I worked with Universities, dance schools and studios including Pineapple Dance studios. I set up and created performance opportunities and classes, establishing a network of dancers to come together and collaborate in Perú. Now, teaching all around the North West I work with organisations such as Cheshire Dance, Dance Manchester and Blue Moose Dance Company.

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I have coached people all over the world on a one to one basis, working on anything from time management and career development to confidence and finding and aligning to your values. Further more I have facilitated workshops on 3 continents, working on creating your vision, setting your goals, leadership and communication. Working with a variety of ages and social groups including youths and the dance and fitness industries.