• Initial thoughts on Phenomenology

    It was suggest to me that I look in to the philosophical movement of phenomenology in relation to my work.


    Phenomenology: the study of phenomena

    Phenomena: stuff that happens

    So, in layman’s terms:

    Phenomenology: The study of stuff that happens


    This initial research has brought up some interesting questions for me. Thinking about my piece and the starting point or […]

  • Solo Development Rehearsal 3

    I wanted to continue this rehearsal to look at building the sense of struggle. The feeling of being confined as well as out of control. I felt like the sense of narrative and building to climax that then drops to a feeling of compete and utter loss of hope and strength.

    I decided to add in […]

  • Solo Development – Rehearsal 2

    During this rehearsal I really wanted to focus on the dynamics and feeling the piece portrayed. After watching the piece back this was the one thing that really stood out. There wasn’t enough feeling of frustration, confinement of feeling out of control.

    I only looked at the first section of the solo. I thought more of […]

  • Solo Development – Thoughts

    I have been thinking a lot about the direction I wanted to go with this solo. After seeking some advice I was looking at going down the route of Somatic Practices. I wasn’t wholly convinced it was quite the right direction but at least it was a direction that I didn’t have.

    I did some research […]

  • Development of my Solo work

    Rehearsal 1
    This rehearsal was really a re-cap of the original solo.
    The solo I want to look at is one I first created during my residency in Peru in 2016. I was initially looking at the question ‘What is beauty?’. During my training I was told many times that I dance too beautifully so I […]

  • My Introduction to Research

    I have decided to post some of my research and theories over the next year, and potentially beyond, as part of my MA Dance at the University of Chester. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts that are to follow and open up discussion on the topics.

    In our first Research Methods seminar […]