Making Dance Happen 2016

In January 2016 I headed out to Perú with Sarah Louise Kristiansen, founder of Making Dance Happen, to deliver a project in connection with Social Creativa.

Our aim was to create an inclusive dance project in Chincha and it’s surrounding areas. We devised a piece of work in a collaborative and supportive setting with the youths of Chincha Alta and El Carmen. We wanted to introduce them to a new way of working as they had perviously always been taught choreography (mainly Hip Hop), by introducing improvisation techniques and task based exercises, along with taught contemporary classes.

Along with these 2 devised pieces (Chincha Alta and El Carmen), Sarah Louise choreographed a quartet for 4 for the boys and a solo on myself which was performed and filmed in the desert. Additionally, I choreographed a duet on myself and our one of our local team members, Alexis Davila. Please see the video to the right.

The project culminated in 2 public performances along side Social Creativa’s Red Musical.