Move The World 2015

In May 2015 I travelled to Medie, Ghana with Move The World (formerly Awareness Through Dance) as a participant on their international experiences. Their mission is: 

“Creating a positive change within individuals, communities, and the world. We believe that if you understand your own potential, then you will have the power to make an impact in whatever cause you stand for. We find value in people that are undermined and provide opportunities for people who are often overlooked. Change begins within and by impacting one life at a time, we can move the world.”

In Medie we led empowering workshops in local primary and secondary schools, on leadership, equality and communication. Furthermore, we collaborated with local artists learning traditional Ghanian dances and devised a piece collaboratively to present at the end of the trip.

For me this trip was not only about community engagement and the arts, it was a journey of self discovery. It was in Ghana where I gained clarity and inspiration for what I want from my career as an artist. This was the beginning of many wonderful international collaborations.

Find out more about Awareness through Dance and the work they do please visit: