Bespoke dance classes for all ages and abilities

I specialise in teaching contemporary dance to people of all ages and abilities, from young children to the elderly to those with additional needs, from beginners right through to professionals.

I am also able to incorporate other dance styles having trained in a wide variety of techniques. 


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I taylor each workshop to suit the specific needs and desires of the class. I generally follow the same structure unless otherwise requested (see options below). I start with a technical warm up followed by a few technical exercises then teach a short piece of choreography or a combination and finish the session with a creative section.

Below I have outlined why I choose to include each of these sections.

- Technique -

Having a strong technical foundation means a dancer con get more out of their body. A stronger more secure dancer, a dancer who is aware of their own body, aware of the space around them is then able to push their body to the limits and explore new movement. This goes for beginners right through to advanced students.

- Choreography -

Teaching a class a piece of choreography, whether it be a full piece or a short combination trains the eye and brain. This connection between the mind, body and senses is what makes dance so special, to be able to see movement and interpret it in to the dancers own style.

- Creative -

(my favourite part!) Allowing dancers to explore movement that comes naturally to them through tasks and improvisation. This opens up the mind and produces wonderful and unique movement material that the dancer can take ownership of. Producing something they created is another level of accomplishment.


  • Contemporary
  • Free movement
  • Lyrical Jazz
  • Jazz
  • Ballet

Specific Workshops

  • Improvisation
    Guided improvisation (can include contact) to explore individuals movement and encourage freedom
  • Flying Low
    Focusses on the flying low technique exploring the relationship between the body and the floor, with short exercises and combinations.
  • Performance
    Focussing on learning a piece of choreography then coaching on connecting movement with emotion and performance.
  • Creative
    A focus on the creative section creating a piece of choreography to be performed at the end of the workshop. Can include coaching on techniques to create movement and choreography.
Workshop Packages

1x 1.5hr bespoke workshop £60
*£50 for community groups

Triple Bill
3x 1.5hr bespoke workshops  £165
*£135 for community groups

Full Out
1 term of 1hr classes (12 weeks with 1 week break in the middle) £420
*£360 for community groups

Workshop Enquiry Form

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