My Introduction to Research

I have decided to post some of my research and theories over the next year, and potentially beyond, as part of my MA Dance at the University of Chester. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts that are to follow and open up discussion on the topics.

In our first Research Methods seminar we looked at our own personal view point. This was very interesting as the point came up that none of us can ever be completely unbiased. We can certainly look at things, whether it be research, a discussion or art, from different view points but fundamentally we will still have our own beliefs. I do, however, believe that these views can be challenged to open our own perspective and knowledge and, to be honest, isn’t that what is exciting about life? To see how different people see the world. To be challenged. To acknowledge and understand how experience has made you believe in something or see something in a certain way.

I currently know that I view the world as a feminist.

Having traveled a lot and experienced a number of different cultures I feel like this has altered my standing compared to those I grew up with. The industry I am in I am sure also has an impact on my stand point.

Beyond that I am not sure, this is something I am looking forward to looking further in to.

Furthermore, we looked at practice as research. Discussing how you can look at research from a practice based inquiry either coming at it with a question or finding a problem during practice. Inductive or Deductive research.

For my first practical module I am looking in to the development of a solo performance linked with somatic practice. The solo will be researching dance and the lived body. Exploring experiences and emotions through the practice. Which I believe is a deductive research practice. I will be posting more of this research in the coming weeks.

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