Oprimido Development


I have been thinking a lot about the direction I want to go with this solo. After seeking some advice I looked at going down the route of Somatic Practices. I wasn’t wholly convinced it was quite the right direction but at least it was a direction.

I did some research in to somatic practices and found that a lot of it was relevant to dance in education and dance training rather than in a choreographic process. Although I didn’t think this would connect I pursued this and found some interesting thoughts.

“Feldenkrais believed that movement was the ‘language’ of the brain” [Batson. G, p3]

This is an interesting concept that I will take in to my next rehearsal. My understanding is that the movement will come, and through studying the movement we might be able to better understand the mind. Linking this to the experience and emotions I want to explore in the solo it may be a good idea to do a short improvisation just thinking about the experience and see what comes out. From this I will be able to study and develop the movement fitting it in or changing sections of the solo.

Another idea bought up during my research was that somatic practices are about breaking the habitual movement, noticing what is repeated. I find this a lot in my own choreography so is something I would like to challenge.

At this point, although these thoughts I had are relevant, and will be used, it isn’t the direction I want to go with this solo. It has taken me a while to sit with the discomfort of not really knowing what it is but absolutely knowing what it isn’t. Upon further research and discussion it has become apparent that what I want to look at is the theme of identity. This is something I will be able to do further research in to looking at practitioners such as Miranda Tufnall, Carol M. Press and Soili Hamalainen.


Batson, G. (2009) Somatic Studies and Dance International association for Dance Medicine and Science

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