Social Creativa 2016

Social Creativa is an organisation working in Chincha, Perú, providing classes in the arts to local children and youth.

After running a project with Making Dance Happen, I made the decision to stay in Peru as I saw the potential Social Creativa has as a hub for the arts.

My aim was to create a network for dancers and introduce new dance styles to the community. I taught contemporary and ballet to groups aged 13 and up, who haven’t previously been able to attend dance classes because of the expense. We worked on creating a network of dancers that come together once a month and had the opportunity to perform in the local plaza.

Furthermore, I assisted in the development of the structural organisation for the volunteers they have working at the organisation. Moreover, I assisted with the training of their current employees in business administration, communication and management, along side another volunteer. I lead personal development workshops for both students and volunteers to encourage confidence and communication in order to help the development of communities.